Coaching and mentoring for bridal hair, makeup artists & salons.

All the sales and marketing tools you’ll need to get more bookings in your hair or makeup wedding business.

Stand out from the crowd.

All the kit, and no bridal clients?

You can have the BEST kit in the world, but if you don’t have the bridal clients to style hair or put makeup on, your kit is just taking up space in your home.

Turn your passion into a career

  1. Build your business
  1. Book more brides
  1. Grow your visibility

There are dozens of hair and makeup artists that aren’t getting seen, and brides out there who are looking for businesses just like yours but if you aren’t being seen how can they book you? How much business are you missing out on?

Brides are out there, your target is to find them, and I can help you – lets go!


Coming Spring 2022! **IN PRODUCTION!**

ONLINE COURSE: SOLD OUT Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist

Coming Summer 2022!

ONLINE COURSE: How to become the #1 number one bridal business artist in your local area

Coming Summer 2022!

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Hi I’m Kerry

I am a multi award winning wedding business entrepreneur and marketing strategist.

I started my own hair and makeup business in 2009 and quickly grew to become the number one spot in my local area with a whole team of artists behind me.

I wont pretend it was easy, it was hard work for many years but it was all worth it.

Now I want to help other bridal hair and makeup artists to build better businesses all through the power of sales and marketing.

I can share with you my business knowledge on how to take your business to the next level.

Through digital courses and monthly mentoring I can help YOU master your unique bridal business, to communicate with your bridal audience with clarity, confidence and without the guesswork.

As Featured In…

‘Before I worked with Kerry I wasn’t visible to brides, I didn’t know how to market myself and I received very little enquiries. Now I know how to successfully market myself and receive numerous enquiries a week and have over 60 weddings booked in this year!

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