3 Reasons Why You Need A Mentor For Your Wedding Business

When you feel like you’re at the top of your game, you know everything there is to know and you’re ready to go and take on the professional world, why would you want to spend money on extra training or coaching?

The truth is, there’s always room for improvement. No matter how well you’re doing, there’s no replacement for someone to bounce ideas off, to work on strategy with and to keep improving. In my experience, I’ve noticed that every problem in a wedding hair or makeup business is either the sales or marketing strategy.

What worked for freelance and independent business ten, five or even two years ago isn’t what works now. As a business owner in your own right, you’ll of course already have your own strategy and way of doing things, but staying in your own lane for too long can sometimes lead to stagnancy and complacency.

It really doesn’t matter – even if you think you’ve cracked it – whether you’re at the start of your career or have years of experience, a mentor can help you develop your ideas for growth by sharing their own skills, expertise, experience and even contacts.

Still not convinced? Here are some things to get you thinking about how to make your wedding business thrive…

Stuck Social Media

It’s not as simple as growing an audience of thousands and expecting that to be enough. It’s time to shape and run your bridal business with confidence – effectively and professionally. Are you engaging your brides? Giving them call-to-actions or just posting once in a while? Are you engaging with other industry suppliers to elevate your visibility? Perhaps you want to, but aren’t sure how to go about it.

Enquiries Overwhelm

How are you driving enquiries and converting interested enquiries into one of your brides? Have you ever felt that you’ve been unable to cope with enquiries or end up negotiating or backing down just to get the business? No more! Working with someone who’s been in your shoes can help you find strategy shortcuts that don’t end up with you short-changing yourself!

What’s your USP?

Do you know what you can offer that’s actually different from anyone else? You might be missing your biggest selling point. That’s the beauty of objective feedback: when you’re on your own, you rely on your own judgement. With a coach, you’ve got someone who isn’t so close to your work to see things you can’t. Find your wedding industry personality and help to fill the gaps by targeting your audience with a well-thought-out, personalised strategy!

If you need some help with some much-needed traction, download my free guide on how to use marketing to create a successful business that’s desirable for today’s modern brides.