Stop avoiding collaboration – it’s key!

Starting your own wedding hair and makeup business is fun and exciting, but you can often feel adrift when you’re completely on your own.

Instead of trying to do it all yourself, have you considered expanding your circle and bringing in someone else who’s part of the industry to help? Working collaboratively, instead of individually, can help improve productivity and can give you an entirely new sense of purpose in your hair and makeup business. It’s also easier to brainstorm new ideas to solve any existing problems or deliver your services on time, rather than pulling your hair out and trying to do it all yourself!

When you start collaborating, you will see that every person you work with has different skills, expertise, and talent. When you all collaborate together, you’ll be able to merge all of this to achieve the chosen shared goal.

Benefits of Collaboration in the Wedding Industry

Collaboration with others can help in many different ways, not least in speeding things up a little for you. A problem that may have taken you weeks to resolve might be solved by someone within a few hours. Collaboration can look like idea-sharing, skill-sharing, event building, working together across social media or even just meeting up to chat about the industry with someone who ‘gets it’. 

Benefits of collaboration within your bridal hair and makeup business can really help with your business direction, lead to improved flexibility, more productive output and best of all…more clients. You can do this easily by reaching out to those in your field to see if they’d like to have a chat about how you can work together. This may be daunting at first, but make sure you have a clear idea of what you’d like the outcome to be before you approach them and this should help.

Finally, collaboration doesn’t have to mean working directly with someone else on a project or event. Just sharing knowledge or meeting up with those in your field can help. If you’re still not sure, collaboration with a business coach like myself can be really beneficial, especially when you need a little guidance and encouragement.

For some extra help, download my free guide on how to promote your bridal business – you’ve got this!