Competition: a guide to getting over it

When you start your own bridal hair and makeup business, it’s likely you will be feeling super excited, bursting with ideas and raring to go. You’ll have your own branding, your website in the works and dreams of your future customers leaving happy and satisfied reviews. 

This initial excitement can be somewhat damped though, when you start to look around and find that you’re not the only one who’s had this idea. It can be dampened further still when you come across wedding hair and makeup businesses who are doing the same thing as you, but are much more established and have a dedicated customer base. 

The first thing to note is that unless you’re an inventor with a completely unique idea, it’s likely that you’re never going to be the only one in your field, regardless of how great you are. The sooner that you let go of this idea the better! Secondly, far from being put off by seeing a saturated market, there are so many things you can do to ensure you’re using your competitors to your advantage, rather than worrying your business will not work out. 

Here are just a few ways of coping with – and working with – competition.

Know Who Your Bridal Business Competition Is 

It can be hard to look deeply into other people’s businesses when you’re just starting out, especially when you feel far behind. However, this is actually one of the most useful exercises you can do! Making sure you know who your competitors are ensures that you’re aware of any new direction the hair and makeup business is going in and allows you to keep an eye on how you measure up next to others, which can help spur you on. Additionally, there is the opportunity for collaboration – something not many standalone businesses take advantage of! 

Find Your Differences

Once you know who your competitors are, you need to figure out how you are different. What’s your USP and how can you stand out from the crowd? You can sign up to my 7-week Business Clarity Programme to help with this! You’ll go from feeling unclear on how to stand out and overwhelmed to feeling confident, consistent, and skilled to produce sales and marketing strategies that will help your hair or makeup business be in demand.

Hone Your Messaging

Even with the same or similar services to other wedding hair and makeup companies, only you can do what you do. People buy you as much as they buy your services and it’s by making your personality shine across your branding and marketing that you can really sell yourself. Finding your USP and knowing the direction you want your business to go in can really help with this.

Look After Your Existing Customers

Everyone wants new customers, and a lot of them! But there’s so much value in looking after the customers you already have. Once you’ve got a customer, make sure to keep in touch for repeat services – that way, you’re less likely to lose them to a competitor down the line.

For more help in differentiating yourself from your competition and not being intimidated by it, find out how to promote your bridal business here. Look forward to connecting with you!