Boost your business with amazing reviews every time.

A lot goes into your bridal hair and makeup businesses, from the hard work you put into your actual services to the products you choose, buy and take with you. There’s a whole other side though as you know, and that’s your customer base, your branding, your advertising and all that goes along with creating a successful wedding business. 

If you’ve ever bought anything on the internet, you’ll likely have been swayed by reviews. Whether it’s something on Amazon, or a place you want to visit on TripAdvisor, those reviews really have the power to make the difference between a product bought or not. The very same goes for your bridal hair and makeup company. You can have hundreds of customers, but if none of them are shouting about you, how will you hope to grow?

It’s here where testimonials really come into their own. Real feedback, from real brides and other customers can encourage new clients to take up your services, buoyed up as they will be from the positive things that others have to say about you.

You can share your testimonials anywhere – as post reviews on Instagram, as a Google review, or even a section on your website. The question is, how do you ask for them? It can be a little daunting to ask for feedback, especially if you’re not 100% sure of what the outcome will be. However, good or bad, each piece of feedback from each and every customer will help you in your journey to succeeding in your wedding business. 

How To Ask For A Testimonial From Your Wedding Client

There’s no special way to get a testimonial from a bride or customer. The trick is…just to ask. Once your wedding services are completed, ask your bride to send over a couple of lines for you to use on your website or social media. Of course, ask permission to share this. In most cases, clients will be falling over themselves to share feedback, especially if they’ve had a fantastic experience. 

A tip – make it as easy as possible for them to share this feedback. It’s best to avoid long, complicated forms which ask a lot of questions – people are generally time poor and these can be things that are likely to be ignored! Just asking politely for a few lines of feedback should do the trick, and following up again in a few days to give them a nudge if they’ve not got round to it. Importantly, ask SOON after the bridal service. It’s best to ask while the experience is still fresh in someone’s mind, rather than waiting weeks. 

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