Why you’ve GOT TO show up and be CONSISTENT

Let’s face it. If you are spending money somewhere, you’re likely going to choose someone who is visible, reliable and has the results to show for their work, right? Rather this, than someone who seems like they can’t really be bothered and you barely ever see. Whether it’s your doctor or your local takeaway, you’d go for consistency every time!

The same goes for YOU and YOUR clients. You need to be consistent in your actions and your thought processes, in order to experience the success that doing this brings.

Here are my top thoughts and tips around why showing up for your clients, your hair and makeup business and YOURSELF is key.

It helps you build passion into your work

Consistency over time builds passion and at the same time motivates you to work on your brand tirelessly. As you build up the momentum that consistency brings, you will feel amazing about the work that you are doing and want to show up even more.

You’ll stay accountable

When your consistency starts to pay off, you can look back and enjoy the success. However, you might not quite be there yet. To qualify and reap those amazing rewards (the success of your hair and makeup business!), keep yourself accountable.

Build trust with your clients

As above – who do you think your clients are going to go for when they’re swinging between two? If your prospective clients can see that you’re in full control of your business, where it’s going and what you offer, they’ll be able to see that you’re amazing at what you do. Consistency builds that trust. 

Understand it’s not easy

In a race to achieve their goals, some people want very quick results. Unfortunately, it’s the showing up over and over again that gets you these results – it’s not an overnight thing and it WON’T be easy – but it’ll be worth it. 

For me, there’s just no argument. Consistency and showing up is the key to success. 

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