In this 7-week step-by-step program you will go from feeling unclear on how to stand out, stuck with what to say and overwhelmed when trying to attract and engage with potential brides. To feeling confident, consistent, and skilled to produce sales and marketing strategies that will help your hair or makeup business be in demand.


‘She’s the one for me’

Brand and messages critical to your business

  • What makes you the one? We will discover what makes your bridal business unique and be extremely clear on how to win clients and stand out in the wedding industry
  • We will craft your voice, vibe, and brand so you can attract your ideal audience whilst still being authentically you!
  • We will define your sales and marketing messages using my signature strategies, so you can use these all over your brand to clearly say why you are the one for your potential brides.

Successful marketing starts with social media

  • Be guided through my exclusive ‘Find it. Fix it’ exercise to outline exactly what your brides need to hear from you. This will give you powerful marketing ideas for your business.
  • Set up your social media to stand out and stop potential brides in their tracks and learn how to use social media to make more sales and bookings.
  • Images that sell: How to hook your audience, keep them online and keep their eyes on your bridal business…without being salesy.

Stand out on social media!

The 5 Step Content Pillars

  • Get my signature structure of what you should share each week to get seen, loved, and selling. You will start to produce magnetic marketing messages easier, quicker, and more confidently than ever before.
  • Confidently create compelling posts that drive more enquiries to your DM’s or website

Get your website seen, loved + supercharge your brand visibility.

  • Steal my top tips and strategies on how to connect and create a customer sales journey that will drive more enquiries to your inbox.
  • 6 Critical Steps to creating an engaging bridal hair or makeup website which gets you more bookings faster!

Emails that convert, critical to your business.

  • Using my signature 4 step Framework to create email for the modern bride
  • Stop the guesswork of what to write to each bride that gets you results from the get-go!
  • BONUS TRAINING: How to upsell without being salesy to increase more sales in your bridal business

The Luxury Pricing Method – Make it super easy for brides to buy from you!

  • Increase your prices TODAY!
  • A strategy which will serve your mainstream brides and the luxury market too
  • Safeguard your pricing for FUTURE bookings too, so your business sales continue to increase year on year

Stay around and make it stick!

  • This is the VIIP part – the ‘VERY IMPORTANT IMPLEMENTATION PART’ where for 1 week you put everything into practice with me by your side.
  • Gain extra CLARITY on how to analyse your results so you know what to do more of in the future as well!

‘Before I worked with Kerry I wasn’t visible to brides, I didn’t know how to market myself and I received very little enquiries. Now I know how to successfully market myself and receive numerous enquiries a week and have over 60 weddings booked in this year!

Katrina Kelly Wedding Hair

So, why should you trust me to be the side-kick for your wedding hair or makeup business?

That’s such a good question……

I’m Kerry Curl. I am the founder of Kerry Curl Coaching + The Business Club for Elite Artists. My passion is helping bridal hair and makeup artists who are overwhelmed by the sales and marketing that is needed to build their bridal business and share their passion to the wedding industry!

I know you are looking for someone who can help you and understand the vision for your hair or makeup business. I also know that you want someone who can help translate that vision into getting more paying brides your way.

Because right now you’re so overwhelmed, you feel like giving it all up! It’s hard work showing up every day, exhausting, isn’t it?

I started my own bridal hair + makeup business purely by accident back in 2009 whilst on maternity leave as a paid business trainer for Avon Cosmetics. There were no Facebook groups for me to ask in, in-fact Facebook had only just started out!!

I spent a ton of money on courses that promised to show me how to get my bridal business started within the wedding industry, and how to have a 3, 4 figure sum wedding business. None of them worked! But here I am now, with a consistent income, two thriving HMUA agencies and a multiple winning wedding business.

I want to show you how to do it too. Starting with building an amazing viable wedding business your brides will LOVE! I won’t nag, but at the end of the day, you are here to get shit done. I want to see results, big or small. So, I will ensure you are making progress.

It’s the powerful combination of the following things, all with the clear purpose to help YOU achieve your wedding business goals. Through coaching I’m making it my mission to help YOU master your unique (and highly profitable!) bridal business, to communicate with your audience with clarity, confidence and without the guesswork. It’s my ‘why’, my passion, and my purpose with every single client I work with.

Your investment


”Oh my gosh I definitely needed this! I didnt realise how lost I was in my business until I saw it all broken down. Now I have so much more clarity and don’t feel like I’m I’m such a rut! I’m so excited to becoming the ‘boss’ in my makeup business”

Lara Kingshott – LK Makeup + Beauty