3 FREE DAY CHALLENGE – Find your edge on social media with confidence

This is it. The moment everything changes….

Do you feel like you have been hiding away on your social media because it’s just become a sea of other bridal hair and makeup artists, it’s so damn hard to stand out right?

Constantly worrying you’ll never get seen, loved or selling with more brides?

Or you just don’t know what to post, then I’d love to see you there!

I want to help find your creative ‘edge’ and share your passions to the wedding industry so you can get your amazing business in front of MORE potential brides – lets do this!

Your 3 Day Social Media Plan To Show Up Confidently + Book Out Your Bridal Hair + Makeup Business

✔ The 3 Simple Secrets That Will Determine The Success + Profitability Of Your Business

✔ How to Present Your Brand For Maximum Bookings

The Formula For Maximum Profit – How To Generate Business + Attract Ideal Customers With Confidence And Ease


✔ My WHOLE social media content step-by-step LIVE training for reaching more brides on social media (without wasting time, feeling salesy, or overwhelmed)

INCLUDING: FREE prizes throughout! 🎁

Then reserve your seat for my FREE 3 Day Challenge Tuesday 25th January 2022.



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