Why do bridal hair and makeup artists come to Kerry Curl for advice, training and mentoring?

I discovered my passion for coaching back in 2019 when I’d reached 12 years working as a multi-award winning bridal hair and makeup artist.

I was coaching other hair and makeup artists without really knowing it, openly drawing back the curtains on my ‘secrets’ into sales and marketing, so I knew I had found a new passion and had to make some changes.

Coaching and mentoring became the catalyst for hugely positive change in my life, but of course Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I didn’t make my dream job happen overnight.

I switched my thoughts backwards and forwards 3 times before I finally plucked up the courage to stop serving brides to set up my coaching business just before I turned 41, there is nothing quite like a birthday milestone to spur you into action!

Having been on my own career journey and having worked with countless women in their careers, and businesses. Its safe to say I am a firm believer in the transformational power of coaching. (I have one too!)

Work with me and you will see how I can help you get to the results you’re looking for!


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With the Business Club for elite artists, you’ll learn alongside real wedding hair and makeup artists with proven careers to help guide your to success!

Makeup and styling hair is a very expensive hobby.

Whether your goal is to own your own empire or have an outstanding side hustle, if you don’t know the basic’s in sales and marketing your business can become just a dream!

The Business Club for elite artists gives you everything you need to build a successful, profitable wedding business!

”Kerry deliver’s what she promises and more. I have found a business mentor for life!”

Manisha Champaneri Makeup Artist