The Business Club is CLOSED for 2021

With the doors closed, I will now shift my focus to our community and teaching. If you would like to be notified next time the doors open, click below!

In this Exclusive Private Facebook membership group you will go from feeling:

 😕 Unclear on how to stand out 

 😕Stuck with what to say on social media and overwhelmed when trying to attract and engage with potential brides

 😕 Lacking in confidence when it comes to using social media as a lead generator with brides

 😕 Unsure on what to price or how to price for your hair or makeup services without attracting the discount divas

 😕 Not knowing where to even start with marketing to brides today

To knowing and feeling: 

Confident, consistent and skilled to produce sales and marketing strategies that will help your hair or makeup business be in demand

Know exactly what to post and when on social media to attract and get more bookings with brides

Supercharged to write your emails with my signature 4-step framework created specifically for hair or makeup artists which will get you less ‘ghosting’ and more bookings!

Know exactly what how to price for your services which makes it easier for potential brides to choose YOU over your competitors with my 3- Step ‘fail safe’ pricing method

💛👯‍♀️I know that fiquiring the marketing side out in your business can be a LONG way to reach brides.

😕I know you are sick of reaching out to other successful hair or makeup artists doing it well and they just don’t respond.

😕 I know you feel confused with where to start with social media marketing

😕 I know can be time-consuming trying to sell your services to brides

😕 I know it can leave you feeling lost with all the confusing information out there

😕 I also know this slows down your path trying to figure out what steps to take next – and how to start getting eyeballs on your business instead of your competitors – because YOU NEED TO MAKE INCOME TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS WORK!

In this EXCLUSIVE membership group you will get access to all my signature strategies and video MASTERCLASSES on my website – your very own marketing manager for your hair or makeup business at the click of a button


In these never seen before video’s I will walk you through sales and marketing strategies that can not only help you reach brides, but be FOUND by your ideal audience too 💛🙌⚡️👯‍♀️

What’s included??

Every month, I will help you shortcut, streamline and SUPERCHARGE your hair or makeup success through exclusive, current social media content + marketing strategies, training, email templates and mentoring.

⚡️ Every month expect to have handed to you a new and exciting Masterclass that will take the sting and stress out of marketing to brides.

  • LIVE 30 minute Weekly motivation session with Kerry
  • Monthly Masterclasses (With Kerry or with other wedding industry experts designed to drive you more bookings and enquiries)
  • Hours of my time with your business questions within an Exclusive Private Facebook Group
  • Community of Founding Member Alumni HMUA artists, ready to help you with any questions
  • Weekly calendar, so you know what to expect each week
  • Powerful engagement + visibility activities, including prizes!

🙌 Having this membership is literally like having a social media agency, marketing manager + business strategist in your pocket!🙌


⚡️ Monthly training on topics to move you from where you are now to where you want to be in the smoothest and shortest way possible! Made specifically to cover the things that will move the needle the most in your hair or makeup on all different modern day marketing methods. Think social media, email marketing, booking systems, supercharge your Instagram/Facebook account, Instagram Ads, contracts, getting on wedding venue supplier lists, upsell training and more! 


⚡️ Weekly mentoring and Q+A sessions with Kerry, where you can ask your questions, struggles, strategies, marketing efforts and more and get group coaching live from Kerry via Zoom.


⚡️ Mentorship from Kerry all year round in the Private Facebook group.


⚡️ A private Facebook community of like-minded hair and makeup artists who can give you feedback, lift you up, and support your journey.


⚡️ An established library so you can master tools and tips quicker, and a ‘Newbies’ area, for when you are just starting out. 


⚡️ Discounts on digital courses and HUGE discounts on 1:1 sessions with Kerry.


⚡️ Collaboration opportunities, challenges, audience sharing and the list goes on.


ONLY £37 p/m (The price of a bottle of Foundation!)

Hell YES I want to invest this critical support for my hair or makeup business to drive more bookings and enquiries for only £37 a month! 

And PS. I’ve been quietly fine-tuning and making this membership group perfect for you with a small army of bridal hair and makeup artists already in the Business Club, who are already making incredible steps forward in their hair and makeup business, and their feedback speaks for itself!



spots are very limited and doors will close to the Business Club on the 26th of October until next year when they will then open to the public at a higher price 💛

Want to join my inner circle?