Looking for a real, honest assessment of your current website marketing?

Including how easy or hard it is to navigate through your website?

Your website should be seen as one of your employee’s, if it’s not performing then it’s time for an appraisal

If you’re yearning for..

 💛A website that drives cold traffic into warm enquiries

💛 A strategy that ‘romances’ brides from first click

Then you need my eyes on your website TODAY!

By the end of this Website Marketing Review
you will…

🙌Learn the 6 critical steps for your website to convert
Implement changes from the get-go to turn the lookers into bookers

🙌Learn how YOU control a potential bride’s journey
So they don’t just head straight to first!

🙌Gain clarity on why some of your pages have performed well and what hasn’t.
So you know how to correct them to get better results

🙌The inside secrets for creating an show-stopping home page
Stop time wasters and stop more brides in their tracks

🙌Know where to focus with confidence and ease
A strategy you can use for new-marketing techniques the ‘easy-way’

Kerry went through my website with a fine tooth comb! I made the changes and my enquiries have definitely increased!

Very happy with the results so far!!

Sophie Gamble - Essex Makeup Artist

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A One-off Payment of £97.00


⭐What’s Included in a Website Marketing Review

⭐Brand Message Consistency

Your “brand” is a collection of things that identify you and differentiate you from your competitors. If you don’t have consistency, you don’t have a brand.

⭐Audit Your Content

Yes, your images should be visually appealing. But there’s more to it than that. So I’ll take a look through your recent content and identify what marketing messages your current images are portraying to a website visitor.

⭐Audit Your Pages

The quantity of your pages is critical, but your titles are just as important. All of your pages should be well-written and in a style that fits your hair or makeup brand.

⭐Check Your Customer Journey

Taking your potential users on a ‘journey’, one which you control is important. Choosing the right page sequence is a game changer.

⭐Review Your Call To Actions

Communication is a two-way thing, and we cannot control the choice a user takes to contact you. So I’ll let you know the best ways to allow your visitors to decide and take action.

⭐Look at Your SEO opportunities

Posting fresh content is important, so the regularity of your content is critical for engagement for maximum return on investment. Together I’ll show you ways to get your website in front of more potential brides eyes.

⭐Redefine your marketing

You can have thousands of visitors, but if they aren’t engaging or making an inquiry, then your current messaging isn’t working. You don’t want people to just passively browse your website so creating a show stopping website is a must.

Buy today, and you’ll get access to these results for just:

A One-off Payment of £97.00


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a website marketing review work?

We’ll arrange a website review which lasts about 1 hour. I’ll send you a zoom link so we can look at the same things at the same time. I can record the session so you can review it later.

Will you break down what I need to do to make the changes?

 Yes! I’ll walk you through step-by-step the changes you need to make.

Are the results guaranteed to get me more enquiries?

Whilst there’s no guarantee, if you make the changes and you do the work on your website you will start to see quicker results.

Kerry I’ve just watched the video back you sent me and I’ve taken so many notes in my notebook and it’s absolutely AMAZING! Thank you so much this is INCREDIBLE!

Kerry Craske - Imperfectly Perfect MUA

Still thinking about it?

A Website Marketing Review is PERFECT for you if…

You’re Ready to achieve more quality leads and enquiries if…

💥You’re a hair or makeup artist who’s just getting started and wants to build your website right first time

💥You’re already struggling with getting a ROI from your website and want to fix it once and for all

💥You’re not short of ambition and drive and willing to put in the work if you could just know what’s needed to move your website forward

💥You’ve already invested hours and hours each week actively trying to attract more brides through your website and disappointed with your results

💥Tech isn’t your strong point, so you just need someone to show you the way

💥You’re excited to see better results with your website

💥You’re ready to take action TODAY!

I can’t wait for you to invest in this Website Marketing Review for your hair or makeup business

I know you’re eager to turn your website into a lead generator, I also know how this very rare opportunity has transformed the lives of so many other hair and makeup artists. I’m super excited to help you too!

If you’re fed up with worrying about the appearance of your website and just want better results then this is going to take your wedding industry and social media knowledge to the next level.

I can’t wait to hear from you and get to work on your account!

Kerry x

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